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Foundation Painting

Withstands all types of weather
UV Stable
Immune to dents, corrosion, peeling, chipping or delamination

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Finally, Protection You Can Count On For Your Foundation

Should I Paint My Foundation?

Until now, we would have said no, or if you used conventional paint or stain, it wouldn’t last in our climate.

Now, with SurGuard, the answer is a definite yes!

Foundation Painting

What is Foundation Parging and Why Should You Protect it?

Parging serves as a smooth, decorative layer of mortar frequently applied over foundation walls, offering a uniform appearance while concealing any cracks or imperfections.

While it’s primarily an aesthetic coating, parging does have the advantage of being paintable.

However, exercise caution when opting to paint over parging, as it’s known for its tendency to absorb and retain moisture which will lead to cracks & crumbling of the parging.

Freeze-Thaw Cycles: One of the most significant challenges in Canada is the freeze-thaw cycles that occur during the transition between seasons. Water can seep into small cracks in the parging and then expand when it freezes, leading to further cracking and deterioration.

Applying waterproof paint over parging is generally recommended for added foundation protection, but be aware that this does trap moisture within the parging layer, accelerating the deterioration of your foundation.

Conversely, forgoing waterproof paint leaves your foundation more vulnerable to moisture damage. The smart choice now is to use our SurGuard Coating as it is fully breathable while giving you long lasting protection from our winters.

Foundation painting before After foundation painted

How it Works

Service Preparation

Surface preparation is essential. Surface must be dry, clean and free from contaminants. We remove loose, peeling paint; sand edges.

With existing coatings and hard or glossy finishes will be dulled by sanding, sandblasting or other abrasive methods to ensure adhesion.

Pressure wash (1500 psi min.) is recommended to remove loose paint and clean surface.

25 year warranty

Risk-Free, 25-YEAR Limited Warranty!

We are so confident in the lasting durability of SurGuard High Build Acrylic, that we offer a quarter-century long warranty!

If your High Build Acrylic installation shows any signs of flaking, fading, or any other degradation in the first 25 years after installation, we will cover the cost of the paint needed to fix it.

Benefits of SurGuard

Say goodbye to expensive foundation repairs and say hello to foundation protection that stands the test of time.

Weatherproof & Protective:

SurGuard utilizes the most stable, inorganic components and pigments to ensure total weatherability and permanency of colour. It repels rain, sleet and snow and virtually eliminates vulnerability to the elements.

Low Maintenance:

SurGuard is virtually indestructible yet flexible with excellent impact resistance. SurGuard is no mere paint film. It is unaffected by water, salt, acids, alkalis and the corrosive elements in smoke and smog. This coating will last a very long time, saving you money on maintenance.

Fire Retardant:

SurGuard will not combust. It is completely fire retardant.

Durable and Flexible:

SurGuard is virtually indestructible. It will not dent, corrode, peel, chip or delaminate. It is unaffected by alkali.

Because it is a water emulsion and chemically inert, there can be no acid-alkali reaction, and because of this, there is no subsequent delamination of the coating. It offers excellent resistance to sudden and wide temperature fluctuations.

High Breathability:

This is a key property that eliminates vapour pressure build-up behind the coating. Water vapour passes freely, thus eliminating the possibility of blistering, peeling or spalling.

SurGuard exceeds all North American standards for V.O.C. content. It is water-based and environmentally friendly, with less than 2% volatile organic compound per 3.785 litres.

Unlimited Colours:

SurGuard lets you get creative with your renovations. Choose from a massive range of color options to find your perfect colour!

Acrylic paint can
Weather-proof and UV-stable
Full range of colours
25 YEAR Durability Guarantee!
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The only protection you'll ever need for your property.
SurGuard it!

Painted foundation by stairs
Subtle foundation
Fresh painted foundation
Dark painted foundation under brick wall
Small step painted

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