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Urethane Floor Coating

Withstands a variety of chemicals, oils and solvents
Textured for better traction
Extreme durability

 Concrete, Garages and Basement Floors

 Proprietary Blend Urethane Coating

 Easy to clean floor coating

Protect Your Surfaces With Our One-of-a-kind Urethane Blend

SurGuard Coatings is a company that specializes in providing innovative Urethane coating solutions for various surfaces.

Our proprietary blend has been engineered to deliver exceptional durability, visual appeal, and protective qualities like no other product on the market today! 

Whether you’re looking at upgrading your concrete porches or basement floors with our unique range of products – we guarantee an unparalleled experience each time!

So why wait? Contact us now and see what makes SurGuard Coatings stand out from all others!

Foundation Painting
Foundation Painting

Durability – What it Means

Urethane coatings are known for their remarkable durability against heavy traffic, impacts and abrasion. These qualities make them an excellent choice when it comes to protecting garage floors from vehicle wear and tear or basement flooring that sees frequent footfall. With its robustness in mind Urethanes offer unparalleled protection while still maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Our coatings are designed to withstand a variety of chemicals, oils and solvents making them ideal for garages where spills occur frequently.

The resistance provided by these materials not only prevents staining but also simplifies clean up processes into an effortless wipe away process. With our products you can rest assured that your floors will remain pristine even in the face of accidental spillage incidents.

Concrete Porches and Stairs

  Weather Resistance – How to Protect Your Home

Protecting your concrete porches and stairs from the elements is essential for maintaining their appearance and structural integrity over time.

Our advanced Urethane coatings are formulated to provide an unparalleled shield against rain, snow or harsh UV rays ensuring that they remain in good condition for years on end. With our superior products you can rest easy knowing that your investment will be well protected.

Our textured Urethane finish prioritizes safety by providing increased traction. This feature is especially beneficial during wet conditions as it reduces the risk of slips and falls ensuring a safer outdoor space for you and your loved ones.

We take pride in creating products that put safety first!

painted stairs foundation
Urethane porch

Visual Enhancement

Our Urethane coatings offer a range of color and finish options that allow you to infuse personality into your porches or stairs.

Whether its glossy or matte that catches your eye our customizable solutions can complement any exterior design seamlessly. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect when it comes to enhancing the beauty of your home!

Urethane front porch

Sealing and Protection

Our coatings act as a shield against moisture infiltration and freeze thaw cycles. By creating an impenetrable barrier, they help prevent the deterioration that can occur over time extending your surfaces lifespan significantly.

With our products you can rest easy knowing that your concrete is protected from harmful elements for years to come.

Basement floor

Easy to Clean!

Urethane coated surfaces are a game changer when it comes to cleaning. With their non-porous nature wiping away dirt grime and spills is effortless allowing you to maintain an immaculate appearance with ease.

Say goodbye to endless hours spent scrubbing!

Urethane landing

Aesthetic Appeal

Give Your Surfaces a New Life!

Transform your garage or basement floors into something truly one of a kind with our Urethane coatings. With an array of colors to choose from you can customize the look and feel of any space according to your personal style preferences. The possibilities are endless!

Urethane coatings are a popular choice for homeowners who want to maintain their spaces with ease. Thanks to its non-porous nature, dirt, dust and spills can be quickly wiped away without leaving any residue behind. With minimal effort you’ll have an immaculate space that looks like new!

Our coatings provide a vital layer of protection against water damage by forming an impenetrable barrier on your concrete floors. This safeguards against cracking and mold growth ensuring that they remain in good condition for years to come. Don’t let moisture ruin the integrity of your surfaces – invest in our reliable solution today!

Acrylic paint can
Non-porous and easy to clean
Large Selection of colours
Durable - indoor or outdoor!
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Protect your surfaces today with

SurGuard Urethane Coating

Benefits of

SurGuard Urethane Coating

Weatherproof & Protective:

SurGuard utilizes the most stable, inorganic components and pigments to ensure total weatherability and permanency of colour. It repels rain, sleet and snow and virtually eliminates vulnerability to the elements.

Low Maintenance:

SurGuard is virtually indestructible yet flexible with excellent impact resistance. SurGuard is no mere paint film. It is unaffected by water, salt, acids, alkalis and the corrosive elements in smoke and smog. This coating will last a very long time, saving you money on maintenance.

Fire Retardant:

SurGuard will not combust. It is completely fire retardant.

Durable and Flexible:

SurGuard is virtually indestructible. It will not dent, corrode, peel, chip or delaminate. It is unaffected by alkali.

Because it is a water emulsion and chemically inert, there can be no acid-alkali reaction, and because of this, there is no subsequent delamination of the coating. It offers excellent resistance to sudden and wide temperature fluctuations.

High Breathability:

This is a key property that eliminates vapour pressure build-up behind the coating. Water vapour passes freely, thus eliminating the possibility of blistering, peeling or spalling.

SurGuard exceeds all North American standards for V.O.C. content. It is water-based and environmentally friendly, with less than 2% volatile organic compound per 3.785 litres.

Unlimited Colours:

SurGuard lets you get creative with your renovations. Choose from a massive range of color options to find your perfect colour!

Protect Your Surfaces

With SurGuard

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